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Where:New World Gaming
When:Saturday Jun 22, 2024 10:30am

Howdy all!

On Saturday, 6/22/24 we are hosting a duos tourney at New World Gaming in Little Elm, Texas at 10:30 AM. 2700 East Eldorado Pkwy #207 Little Elm, TX 75068

Bring two 200pt lists, and a partner! You can duo up in the community discord and plan out your lists and strategy. If you are a new player and need a duo partner please make a post there! It should be easy to find someone. Veteran players, I’m going to ask you to try to duo with newer players- this will be fun and help encourage them to learn some tricks and fun stuff :)

Equipment such as repeaters are shared, but there is a ONE COMBAT GROUP limit per player. That means only 10 order generating models. Missiles will be limited to 5 per duo rather than player to keep hacking from being too silly.

The TWO missions are decapitation and supplies, each 3 hours long. We’ll have a 1 hour lunch break in the middle (roughly around 1:30-2:30)

Entry fee is $10, due to store day of entry. Prize pool will be provided!

Please keep in mind this is not a particularly competitive format- please feel free to take crazy combos or something silly. Prizes will be awarded at random, not by placing. As always, we plan to have a small painting contest- bring your best (infinity) model in your army to show off!

Looking forward to seeing what crazy stuff you guys bring.


  1. Decapitation
  2. Supplies




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